A chance to work with actor and teacher Louise Siversen utilizing Alba Emoting, Michael Checkhov and Movement Continuum.

Using a combination of techniques and methods Louise will assist you to experience greater imaginative freedom and connection with the work. Using Alba Emoting, Michael Chekhov, Movement Continuum and other prompts to dive deep into text through your body. Somatic practices allow the actor to bypass the brain and go straight to impulse. Louise will guide you on a day of discovery and release, to help inspire your practice with joy.

Please note there is some preparation for this masterclass.
This is for experienced actors only. Those who have completed a three year/tertiary qualification or those who have worked as a professional actor for at least three years.




20 Jul 2019, 10:00:00 –  17:00:00



“I have had the good fortune to work one on one with Louise Siversen for 12 years. She is an inspirational, insightful and gifted teacher. Her workshops give local actors the benefit of her unique studies overseas – all of which is conveyed with clarity and passion.”
Kat Stewart, Actor

“Louise is an extremely gifted facilitator and teacher, one always feels completely safe in her hands. This is really interesting work, so refreshing and liberating to get out of the actor’s head and into the body, it yields all kinds of new and valuable surprises.”
Felicity Soper, Actor

“Louise has a particular perspective on the magic that is acting: as primarily an act of the imagination. And yet her process is utterly physical, based in the body and in the space and in the other bodies in the space. I found myself understanding the work in a different way, and that was a great gift for me.”
Maude Davey, Actor

“Gosh, I can’t thank Louise Siversen enough for opening up new worlds of possibility for me. Her workshops offered me incredible insights into new techniques in performance process, enabling future avenues of inquiry to open up and giving me the tools and courage needed to go out there and just do it.”
Joel Carnegie, Journalist/Presenter ABC RADIO

“Not a day goes by in my working life when I don’t use one of the tools I gleaned from the rich time spent working with the marvellous Louise Siversen. The weekend workshop certainly gave me an expanded consciousness of exploring the work and after 40 years in the industry, this was enlightening!”
Robyn Arthur, Actor

“The most profound, creative, self empowering and enjoyable workshop I have ever done! Led by an inspiring, talented and generous  woman.  You are in great hands with Louise. Her workshops are a revelation!”
Danielle Carter, Actor

“I had the privilege of working with Louise several years ago in a voice over class and once again this year in a weekend workshop.  Her no-nonsense approach combined with her undeniable compassion and generosity make Louise a truly special educator and her classes highly transformational.  Actors, do yourself a favour and jump at any opportunity you can to train with her.”
Amy Coutts, Actor 

“Louise cares deeply about her work and imbues her students with the same care and passion.  If you have the courage to let go and fully participate, the work with Louise will not only transform and assist you with additional tools for performance, but also more meaningfully in life.”
Joel Phibbs, Actor

“My time with Louise was invaluable. Throughout the workshop I was shown new ways to find character and approach text with confidence. I now use these techniques in every role I undertake. The workshops are challenging but contain vital knowledge and are ideal for all kinds of performers. A brilliant way to learn, recharge and re connect.”
Ben Anderson, Actor

“I have taught alongside Louise, and know her to be an uplifting, rigorous and gifted teacher. But to be led by her into new ways of experiencing creative impulses, as I was recently, was a revelation. The work she is bringing into Australia is thrilling and revolutionary, and opens the way to freedom of expression and discovery without struggle. People speak of flow but with Louise at the helm, the river of inspiration will never run dry. Truly remarkable.”
Ailsa Piper, Writer/ Director/Public Speaker

“Thank you for your generosity and care. You have taken me to a new part of my psyche. A new part of what I like to call the forest.  You’ve led me away from the log where I’ve been sitting for sometime. If one is lost in the forest and sits too long on the log of safety, one will surely perish. I got up and moved. Thank you dear person ,and fellow actor, for your guiding hand and light. I’m on my way now to discover more. Maybe I’ll never get out of the forest, but at least I’ll know I have a direction, and always a question.”
Anthony Phelan, Actor

“Thank you in spades for quite an experience of existential proportions. But first your vigour, passion, clarity and remarkable generosity for those of us in your care was spell binding. My bar got higher! The space you created and articulated for us all was ripe for creation and that was a rare experience.”
Tina Bursill, Actor

“Being steeped in Louise’s wonderful mind and method was a rare and precious gift to me personally and professionally. Weeks later, my experience in the workshop is still unfolding and revealing its riches; continuing to increase my knowledge, skill and capacity to be compelling, convincing and clear in my role as a leadership development practitioner. Any one, in any field, who is concerned with taking up their role in life with purposeful presence, courage and compassion will embrace Louise’s work. Experiencing Louise’s physical/psychological presence has redefined for me what it means to be present to self, others and the world. My bar is set at a new high! I am delighted to be continuing my study with her.”
Natalie McDonagh, PhD

“I can categorically endorse Louise as an inspiring, generous and attentive teacher.  And respectful.  And funny!! My feeling after the weekend was that I remembered what it was like to ‘play’ and I reconnected with my sense of wonder as a performer. In fact, I felt like I was 12 again when I attended drama classes in Adelaide.  It was fun and I was free!!  Remember that??! The environment is totally safe, and much of the time you are doing your own work amongst your fellow classmates.  A supportive yet solitary environment.”
Tracy Mann, Actor